We encourage emotion researchers to become members in the European Sociological Association (ESA). Membership is open to the broad categories of all scholars who actively contribute to the scientific development of sociological knowledge in or about Europe. There are three kinds of members: regular, institutional and student. Members of the ESA receive the European Sociologist Newsletter and the journal European Societies, published by Routledge. Members also get reduced registration fees at the ESA conferences. When applying for ESA membership you can also become member of the Emotion Research Networks (RN11), the cost is 10 €/2 years. RN11 members can become active in boards and committees and take part in the biannual elections of the Research Network Board.

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To receive information about the ongoing activities of the network as well as our calls for papers for the ESA and midterm conferences, become a part of the RN googlemail group! To do that send an email to co-coordinator Nina Margies (margiesn [at]

(Photo by Anna Dziubinska on Unsplash)