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Welcome to the internet home page of the Sociology of Emotions Research Network (RN11) in the European Sociological Association!

The sociology of emotions is a vital field within the broad discipline of sociology that has a lineage encompassing the classical tradition as well as more recent sociological research and scholarship. Research on emotions contributes to political sociology, medical sociology, sociology of social movements, sociology of gender, economic, social psychology and other specialties within sociology.

The Sociology of Emotions Research Network brings together researchers with an interest in emotions who share a range of substantive research themes and draw upon diverse methodologies. The ESA Sociology of Emotions Research Network was formed in May 2004 and is steadily expanding in terms of members, planned and ongoing joint publications and research activities.


Emotional Music of the Month (April 2023): “Routine” (Steven Wilson)

“Amongst the hundreds of songs I have written over the years, ‘Routine’ has a very special place. It’s a deeply sad story of loss and denial, but at its conclusion the clouds lift and there is acceptance at least. Having worked with her on 3 previous videos, I knew as soon as I wrote it that it was perfect for Jess to do something amazing with. Even then nothing prepared me for the organic beauty and power of the film she made, a painstaking labour of love that took her months to produce. When we play the song live I look out into the audience and see people swept away with emotion at the combination of music and animation. To find poetry and beauty in sadness is a wonderful thing I think” – Steven Wilson