Previous Boards of the Research Network


Jonathan Heaney (coordinator)

Monika Verbalyte (vice-coordinator)
Alberto Martin Perez (vice-coordinator)

Website responsible: Juha Klemelä

Advisory Board: Nathan Manning, Stina Bergman Blix, Katharina Scherke,
Sylvia Terpe


Coordinator: Stina Bergman Blix, Researcher at Stockholm University

Vice-coordinators: Jonathan Heaney, Lecturer at Queen’s University in Belfast and Monika Verbalyte, graduate student at Freie Universität in Berlin.

Advisory board: Natalia Canto Mila, Katarina Scherke, Jochen Kleres and Sylvia Terpe,

Juha Klemelä stays on as web page responsible and Stephanie stays on as Twitter responsible.


Coordinator: Jochen Kleres, Department for Sociology and Workscience, Göteborgs Universitet, Sweden


Stina Bergman Blix, University of Stockholm, Sweden

Sylvia Terpe, Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany

External Representatives/Interface:

Stephanie Alice Baker (Twitter), University of Greenwich, London, UK

Juha Klemelä (Webpage), University of Turku, Finland

Cécile Vermot, University Paris Descartes, France


Coordinator: Helena Flam

Vice-Coordinator: Jochen Kleres

Interface: Stephanie Alice Baker and Juha Klemelä

Interim Members of the Executive Board:

Jonathan Heaney, Stina Bergman Blix, Natàlia Cantó-Milà, Catriona Roberts and Sylvia Terpe


Coordinator: Helena Flam

Vice-coordinators: Helmut Kuzmics and Katharina Scherke

External Representatives: Stephanie-Alice Baker, Juha Klemelä and Jochen Kleres


Coordinator: Helena Flam

Vice coordinators: Debra Hopkins and Helmut Kuzmics

External representative: Åsa Wettergren


Coordinator: Åsa Wettergren

Vice coordinator: Charlotte Bloch

External representative: Helena Flam


Coordinator: Jack Barbalet

Vice coordinators: Charlotte Bloch and Helena Flam