Report from the Network Business meeting in Prague, at the 12th Conference of ESA

By: Stina Bergman Blix

The last midterm conference on Rhodes amounted to 36 presentations, a PhD workshop with Helena Flam and Helmut Kuzmics and a workshop on analyzing fiction with Helmut Kuzmics and Stephanie Bird. ESA increased the possible amount of money to apply for and the network received the maximum amount. The RN currently has 270 euros. ESA has raised the maximum amount to 2500 euros that can be applied for the next midterm.

RN Council: Before the conference in Prague there has been a lively debate among the RN representatives around the new statutes for the ESA research networks. Several RN:s have expressed concern that the statutes lead to an over-regulation of the RN:s about financial matters, rotation and continuity of board members, and how to strengthening gender equality. At the ESA council meeting the Software of the conf-tool was discussed and criticized and there was a general discontent about the timing of the business meeting. Laura Horn from the RN ‘Political economy’ was elected the new representative.

Next midterm: The meeting decided that the next midterm will take place in Leipzig the last week of August 2016.

News: The RN 11 continues to be successful with generating publications and recent new books involve: Methods of Exploring Emotions edited by Helena Flam and Jochen Kleres, and Die Ambivalenz der Gefühle [The Amivalence of Emotions] edited by Jochen Kleres and Yvonne Albrecht. Several members have been approached by publishing companies such as Routledge, Ashgate and Palgrave showing a rise in interest in research about emotions.

· Helena Flam reported that the ISA has officially received the application for status of thematic working group. A decision will be taken in April and people in the network who are members of ISA are urged to support the application (contact Helena).
· Mary Holmes announced that she and a colleague has founded a Study group of Emotion within the British Sociological Association and encourages people in the British hemisphere to join.
· Natalia Canto Mila announced a Call for papers on the sociology of emotions for the journal Digithum.
· Åsa Wettergren informed about a new graduate course on the Sociology of emotion that will start this autumn. The course is a collaboration between the Sociology Departments at the University of Gothenburg and Copenhagen University.
· Mary Homes reported on a new center for Research on Emotions in Australia set up by Roger Patulny (University of Wollongong). Invitations to join has been sent out through the Emotion google group.

Brainstorming ideas:

· Newsletter: every sixth month, to collect call for papers, conferences, present new members.
· A list on members and what we do on the homepage. This has been tried before but failed due to problems of keeping it updated. Members of the google group can log in to the google group webpage to get the email addresses of other members.
· A joint meeting with the other emotion networks in the future.
· More active in webpage, blog, twitter.
· International research funding bids as a network or some members. Send email to Jonathan Heaney and Natalia Canto Mila if interested.

Election of board: The board suggests topics and sends out call for papers for the conferences, reviews submissions, creates session structure, organize midterms (venue, food, local assistance, workshops etc.), represents the RN in the council meetings, handles finances, and writes report after conferences.

New Coordinator: Stina Bergman Blix, Researcher at Stockholm University

New Vice-coordinators: Jonathan Heaney, Lecturer at Queen’s University in Belfast and Monica Verbalyte, graduate student at Freie Universität in Berlin.

New Advisory board: Natalia Canto Mila, Katarina Scherke, Jochen Kleres and Sylva Terpe,

Juha Klemelä stays on as web page responsible and Stephanie stays on as Twitter responsible.

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