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you are interested in the results of the next US-election? Register and listen to the Keynote of Arlie Russell Hochschild at our 9th MIDTERM CONFERENCE on Emotions! November, 25th-28th, 2020, online.

Arlie Russell Hochschild: Battle of Deep Stories and the American Election

Abstract: In any political struggle, one theatre of struggle is that of a legitimating “righteous story.” Focusing on the American Republican right, in this talk, Hochschild will discuss three things, a) the basic right wing deep story of blacks, women, public officials “cutting ahead” in line ahead of rule-abiding, hard-working but stuck line-waiters. She also analyzes the additional “chapters” to this story drawn from current events (eg our chosen leader will liberate us, he is under assault, etc), b) the powerful appeal of the presidential story-teller and c) the steps taken in the presidential reach for power –(incrementalism, adding a lightness to serious norms regarding violence, focus on personal loyalty, etc). She will conclude with ideas for best next steps.

You are interested in digital practices and their influences on affects? Register and listen to the Keynote of Amparo Lasén at our 9th MIDTERM CONFERENCE on Emotions! November, 25th-28th, 2020, online.

Amaparo Lasén: Digital mediations and inscriptions of ordinary affects: shame and shaming

Abstract: Our ordinary lives, bodies, memories, relationships, fantasies, desires, affects and fears flow and inhabit different spaces, media and digital platforms, giving rise to narratives, self-(re)presentations and interactions shaped by a networked shared agency of heterogeneous participants. A networked collective of people, devices, corporations, and institutions take part in the production and archiving of digital inscriptions, which materialise our emotions and contribute to the configuration and inscription of our bodies, habits, and abilities. These inscriptions become the content of digital spaces, platforms, search engines and mobile apps, as well as the stuff data are made of, whose commercialisation is the main source of benefits, or business model, for the corporations that own these platforms. Everyday forms of affecting and being affected result of the conflicting entanglements of such network. Drawing on Kathleen Stewart notion of “ordinary affects” and our research results about everyday digital practices carried out in Madrid, this talk will discuss the connexions between the affective and the attention economies enacted in digital practices that shape contemporary affective cultures, focusing on the disquiets, shames and shaming elicited in uses and practices of social media and online images sharing. As shame is a central affect of sociability, linked to the structures of the social order and its exclusions, to social norms and expectations, as well as to social hierarchies, that set what is appropriate and what is not.

NOVEMBER 15th, 2020 : 
Deadline (for non-presenters) to register for the conference

Please note that all participants (presenters and not) are required to register for the conference timely by writing us an email to esarn11midterm2020@gmail.com. There are no fees for participation. The whole program of the conference will be published at October 15th

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