Edinburgh Decameron: Lockdown Sociology at Work

The network is forwarding the following message by professor Liz Stanley of the Edinburgh University:

“‘Edinburgh Decameron: Lockdown Sociology at Work’ has now been in active existence for around four weeks. It can be accessed at https://blogs.ed.ac.uk/ed-decameron/ . Since last Friday, there has been an array of contributions, among which we hope you will find items of interest:
·  Sophia Woodman shared “Wet markets are among my favourite places to shop
·  Leanne Clapperton wrote about Dying
·  Morena Tartari told her story of The Will
· The Armchair Sociology conversations have continued, with the most recent  involving Liz Stanley talking to Nicolas Zehner about the before and possible futures of Covid-19 and to Eve Livingston about The pandemic state & its curious UK contradictions
·  Mary Holmes has provided some thoughts on Are students customers?
·  Liz Stanley has posted on What does Covid-19 look like?, on ‘The science’: some sociological reflections and on Pandemics in past times – a rogues gallery
If you have a past or present and close or distant Edinburgh connection (for this is not god’s eye news from nowhere) and would like to contribute a story, account or moment of your own, perhaps an insight, analysis, poem, podcast or photography, then please get in touch. Details are on the website.

The posts also all have a ‘comment’ function. Please do make use of this if you want to take part in, or start, discussions on the different topics.

Best wishes on behalf of the Edinburgh Decameron team

Liz Stanley 

Prof Liz Stanley FAcSS, Professor of Sociology, Chrystal Macmillan Building, University of Edinburgh, UK. Typed by voice recognition software; please excuse any mistakes. Webpage: http://www.sociology.ed.ac.uk/people/staff/stanley_liz

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