Proposed new journal in sociology of emotions needs your support!

Mary Holmes (University of Edinburgh), Åsa Wettergren (University of Gothenburg), Jochen Kleres (Scuola NormaleSuperiore) and Nathan Manning (University of York) currently have a proposal for a new journal of Emotions and Society with Taylor & Francis. The proposal was very well received by reviewers but the publishers are a little cautious about the need for the journal and its financial sustainability. Your responses will assist the team in building a robust case for a journal which meets our needs.

The central purpose of this journal will be to function as the leading centre of scholarly debate and exchange of knowledge in the field of the sociology of emotions with a heedful eye on developments in neighbouring disciplines, especially cultural studies, history, philosophy and psychology. A key feature of the journal will be to develop both a uniquely sociological perspective on emotions while and through engaging in interdisciplinary exchanges.

The questionnaire can be found using this link:

Please feel free to distribute the link to others outside this group who may be interested in such a journal.

We look forward to reading your responses and thank you for your involvement.
Mary, Åsa, Jochen and Nathan

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